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Solutions for renewable energy projects

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Since 2015 we have offered our clients Engineering solutions in the field of renewable energies, communications and support structures.

At Telener 360 we understand that mobility and related dynamism are essential in a globalized world, which is why today we are prepared to offer our services in the USA, Latam and Spain.

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TELENER 360, provides construction services of civil engineering works, with a specific field of action in the area of renewable energies focused on specific field of action in the area of renewable energies, focused on the provision of design, engineering

design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, disassembly, instrumentation and maintenance services.
maintenance; services or processes applied to telecommunication towers, meteorological masts for solar resource
meteorological masts for solar resource measurement and Lidar and Sodar laser meteorology. 

TELENER 360, is characterized by providing quality services that meet the requirements of its customers and stakeholders, in an effective and timely manner while it is committed to compliance with legal requirements and others subscribed by the organization in terms of quality, safety, occupational health and environment, providing sufficient human, technological, financial and local resources, within a framework of social responsibility and sustainable development to achieve the fulfillment of its objectives. In coherence with the above, the Management is obliged to maintain and continuously improve its Integral Management System SST - HSEQ, through the optimal performance of its processes, management and training programs to all its employees and stakeholders, applying quality standards and the proper use of machinery, tools and work equipment through the establishment of safe work practices.

We have a competent and willing work group, with the purpose of achieving and maintaining the total satisfaction of our customers, thus ensuring the safe provision of service, facilities, safe and healthy work environments to its employees and visitors, to promote the quality of working life, preventing the occurrence of accidents and damage to property, developing management programs for the control of physical, psychosocial, biomechanical, chemical, biological, safety conditions, public and traffic risks. TELENER 360 will minimize the environmental pollution derived from its processes, identifying the environmental aspects and impacts arising from its activities, establishing control measures and monitoring the management of natural resources and waste generated, in order to ensure the permanence, growth and development of the Organization.



Our experience is credited with more than 200 meteorological towers erected, including design, engineering, installation, monitoring, operation and maintenance phases. We currently provide maintenance services to more than 20 meteorological towers with SCADA through CR data loggers, and we are specialized in the integration of SCADA in permanent masts with CR1000, CR1000x and CR3000 data loggers as well as in dual communication through 4G modem and SCADA with Loggernet License.


Today Telener 360 is a consolidated company with presence in countries such as Mexico, USA, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain.

Through continuous training processes, we train our staff in the different areas of competence, so our personnel in work at height, use safety equipment certified by PETZL for our tasks in towers and wind turbines. We also have Maintenance Technicians in wind farms certified by the Wind Business Association (AEE) and the Global Wind Organisation (GWO). In addition, we have Campbell Scientific certified personnel and specialized equipment for FO connections and media converters.

Telener 360 is a company committed to the change of energy model facing today's interdependent world. Our team is enthusiastic about the possibility of implementing our knowledge and experience in order to contribute and add to this reality of technological progress in the field of renewable energies.



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Nuevo León - México
Boyacá - Colombia
Illinois - USA
Naguabo - Puerto Rico
Antofagasta - Chile
Biobió - Chile
Santa Cruz - Argentina


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