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Lidar / MeteoLaser

Telener 360 sells measurement equipment based on Lidar technology for sale or rental. These equipments are supported by power systems photovoltaic and/or low wind power.

Así  itself, Telener 360, offers the Lidar equipment verification service.

LiDAR / MeteoLaser

MeteoLaser LiDAR accurately measures horizontal and vertical wind speeds and directions up to a height of 300 meters. Likewise, it measures pressure, temperature and humidity through the PTH sensor module.

Size and Weight - MeteoLaser

Telener 360 operates as a distributor of Ammonit, a leading company in the development of measurement systems oriented to the renewable energy sector. In sale or rental mode, Telener 360 provides MeteoLaser LiDAR equipment. In addition, it offers the possibility of its installation and monitoring.

MeteoLaser LiDAR is an essential tool to have an updated and real vision of the conditions of the wind farm.


Its use has the consequence of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency in a wide range of tasks such as the evaluation of the wind resource, the performance of tasks of microlocation of wind farms, the monitoring of the wind turbine energy performance, wind farm monitoring and offshore wind measurement or locations where mobile wind measurements are faced.


Technical characteristics

Characteristics - MeteoLaser
Range MeteoLaser
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