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Telener 360 is the official distributor of Ammonit in Mexico and the United States. We offer wind and solar sensors according to the highest quality standards.


Wind Sensors

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  • Anemometers

  • Weather vanes

  • Temperature and humidity sensors

  • Atmospheric pressure sensors

  • Precipitation sensors

  • Ultrasonic anemometers

  • Weather stations

  • Calibration

Solar Sensors

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  • Pyranometers

  • Pyrheliometers

  • Silicon Irradiance Sensors

  • Solar tracking systems

  • Dirt sensors

Ultrasonic Anemometer
Vane Thies First Class
Thermal Hygrometer
Scale Rain Gauge
Thermal Hygrometer

From Telener 360 we also offer the sensor calibration service according to the standard misnet.


Data Logger Meteo 40 Plus

Marketing of the range of DataloggersMeteo-40 plusof Ammonit, specialized in the evaluation and monitoring of solar and wind resources.

The Ammonit Meteo-40A plus data logger has been designed to connect Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) in remote areas.


Its data logger guarantees accurate and reliable measurement of the most important meteorological data, such as wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, as well as atmospheric pressure and solar radiation.

Additional sensors can be connected, for example for precipitation or visibility.


The Ammonit Meteo-40A plus offers different input and output channels and can be easily expanded by implementing additional adapters. Therefore, this data logger can efficiently measure all the meteorological and environmental parameters required in a campaign.

Ammonit's Meteo-40A plus is suitable for all climates and remote regions thanks to its low energy consumption and low maintenance work.

Data Logger Accessories

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  • Comunication system

  • Obstacle lights

  • Surge Protection Modules

  • Camera

  • Bat detection

  • Electrical supply

  • Steel cabinets

  • Modules

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