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Solar Measuring Stations

Telener 360 designs, manufactures and installs Solar Energy Measuring Stations.

Solar radiation collection

A solar measuring tower has the ability to record solar parameters such as theradiatesdiffuse tionand thedirect radiationthus obtaining the indicatorglobal radiationfrom a place. Likewise, it also has the ability to measure theultraviolet radiationthus being able to know its incidence.

The solar measurement towers are equipped with weather stations that record a series of parameters such as thewind direction and speed, theroom temperature, theRH, and theatmospheric pressure.

This information is very useful for the design and dimensioning of thermal and photovoltaic solar systems.

Solar resource measurement stations are also required by manufacturers of solar panels since they represent a necessary support in the tasks of verification and validation of the energy capacities of solar panels.

The ability to measure the incidence of ultraviolet rays makes solar resource measurement towers attractive detection tools for health authorities since the harmful effects of high values are known of this type of radiation for health.

 With the solar measurement stations, health administrations have the possibility of testing the incidence of radiation at all times and recording historical data with which to establish maps on which to make decisions and make recommendations .

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