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Wind Resource, Meteorology and Communications Towers

At Telener 360 we design, manufacture and install our own braced lattice, braced tubular or self-supporting towers, for the purpose of measuring wind resources, meteorology or communications. For this we have an engineering team that develops projects under Telener 360's own software, ASM Tower.

Design and Manufacturing Regulations:

  • IEC 61400 12 1

  • ANSI/TIA 222H 2017

  • ANSI/ASSE A10.48 2016

  • IEC 61724 1:2017

Torres Recurso Eólico

Wind Resource and Meteorological Tower Models

Telener 360 is a company specialized in the projection of Wind Resource Towers and Meteorological Towers. 

We take care of all the phases of its development, starting from the design, going through the manufacture of the structure, and finally dealing with assembly and instrumentation.

Likewise, we also carry out maintenance work on the Towers and their disassembly when the use of the Tower is no longer necessary.

  •  Lattice Towers up to 140m high.

  •  Tubular towers up to 80m high.

  •  Self-supporting towers up to 120 m high.

  •  Rental and Sale of Towers for power curve tests.

Lattice, Tubular and Self Supporting masts

Communications Towers Models

Torres Comunicaciones

Telener 360 offers the installation of Communications Towers, dealing with all phases of development, from its Design to its maintenance, including Engineering,  manufacturing, assembly and disassembly.

  • Monopoles up to 40m high.

  • Braced towers up to 120 m high.

  • Self-supporting towers up to 100 m high.

Communications masts
Torres Distribución

Electrical Distribution Towers

Telener 360 carries out installation and maintenance work on towers for aerial support of Medium and High Voltage transmission lines.

  • Suspension towers

  • Anchor Towers

  • Angle Towers

  • End of Line Towers

  • Special Towers

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